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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: Licensing questions
Date Wed, 12 Sep 2012 20:18:59 GMT
On 12/09/2012 21:04, Radel, Ted wrote:
> We have a business requirement to support SFTP and FTPS transfers.
> From looking at Commons, it would appear we would need Net, Logging,
> and VFS components.
> Is the standard software license for Net, Logging, and VFS free for
> use in business/commercial/corporate environment?

All software developed by the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) is
provided at zero cost under the Apache License version 2. [1]

It is up to you to determine if that license meets your needs (I would
be surprised if it didn't but that is not my call to make).

> Also is it
> possible to purchase a commercial license for the three products and
> how much would it cost?

See above. The ASF does not sell licenses to use its software.

Support is available for these products via this users mailing list
although there are no guarantees as to the quality of the advice
provided nor are there any guarantees regarding response time.

Numerous third parties do sell support for ASF software. I do not know
off-hand who sells support for the products you are interested in.




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