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From Jose Juan Montiel <>
Subject [vfs] FTPS
Date Wed, 21 Mar 2012 13:25:34 GMT

i'm trying to use VFS to connect to VSFTP server with FTPS (Explict)
with a sample cert.

If i follow sample use... finally i receive a "522 Data connections
must be encrypted."

If i use sample FTPS cliente with commons-net i receive same message, but with

ftps = new FTPSClient(protocol);

solve, seem like this force ssl traffic.

How can i do this with VFS, any idea?

PD: VFS code is like this...

		FileSystemManager mgr = VFS.getManager();
		FileSystemOptions opts = new FileSystemOptions();
		FtpsFileSystemConfigBuilder ffscb = FtpsFileSystemConfigBuilder.getInstance();
		ffscb.setPassiveMode(opts, true);
		FileObject sourceFile = mgr.resolveFile(args[0]);
		String urlConn = getUrlWithOutCredentials(args[2]);
		... urlConn is "ftps:/...."
		FileObject destinationFile = mgr.resolveFile(urlConn+args[1], opts);

Thanks in advance.

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