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From Kasper F√łns <>
Subject Re: [sanselan] Writing EXIF data to JPEG
Date Fri, 09 Mar 2012 08:41:55 GMT

> We can safely conclude from this that there is many reasons why 1.0
> needs to be released, and 0.97 needs to die :).
I can agree to that.

Now that you have helped me so immensely, I will try to repay you a 
little with some feedback on the project.

I will be biased by the 0.97 version and the fact that all I wanted to 
do was to write some MetaData into a JPEG image on Android.

== Tag creation ==
- Creating a tag at 0.97 is surprisingly difficult.
   - There is no javadoc on any of the tags
   - There is no clear-to-use examples (that I found)
   - Supplying a String to TiffOutputField.create(...) blows up, even on 
a Ascii type tag. (I know the SVN version fixes some of this)
   - Wanting to create the EXIF_TAG_CREATE_DATE, I need to create this 
from a String, however, there should be a method taking a java.util.Date 
class and formatting it correctly. This also applies to getting the date.
   - EXIF_TAG_XP* tags should automatically use the UTF18LE encoding on 
a String.
   - It would be nice to have a simply-to-use api on the OutputSet. For 
example outputset.setTag(EXIF_TAG_CREATE_DATE, new Date()).

== Android support ==
I haven't actually used Sanselan directly, since I needed it to work on 
Android. Instead I used This 
project is using version 0.97.
It would be nice to have native Android support from Sanselan. I have 
seen several stackoverflow posts about using Sanselan on Android.
Android does not support java.awt.*, so if the functionality used from 
there could be dropped, Android seems to be fully supported.

== Website ==
  - The website contains many dead links.
  - There should be more examples or help.

== Generics ==
I know the project targeted Java 1.4, "Sanselan only requires Java 1.4 
or later.", however I feel like generics would be a great upgrade.
For example, when seeing an ArrayList in the project, you really have no 
idea what it contains unless there is some javadoc that tells you so.

Hope this is useful. If I had the time, I would like to help. However, I 
am swamped at the moment.
I want to say thank you once again. Thank you!


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