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From "Cameron, Scott" <>
Subject RE: [dbcp] Handling many different user accounts over time
Date Thu, 08 Dec 2011 22:52:19 GMT

> What do you mean, "across all users"? Do you have different connection
> strings (user/pass) for each person who connects to your database?

It's a slightly mixed bag as the app is multi-tenanted.  We have some 
connection strings used by nearly everybody for certain things.  Some 
connection strings are assigned to an "organization" and will be used 
by all users in that org.  And some connection strings are unique for 
each individual user.

> Do I understand correctly, if I show up to your site as user wspeirs,
> then I'm connecting to your database as wspeirs? If so, then why
> wouldn't you simply create a connection for that user and store it in
> the user's session? When the session is destroyed, you close the
> connection. There is a bit more "start-up" time in creating the
> connection when they first show up, but it'll be live and active
> during the rest of the time they are there.

Even if the connections weren't sometimes shared across users, the 
component that manages connections doesn't have any knowledge of 
application-level concepts like session. It's job is just to manage
connections, which can potentially have a different lifecycle than

We're thinking that maybe we can rely on "maxIdle" to evict unused
connections.  The downside to this is that the default minimum
idle time before eviction is 30 minutes and can't be configured. But
maybe that will be OK.

It would be nice to have more control over the object pool inside
the pooled data source classes as that seems to be where most of the 
interesting tweakable pooling features live.  But only a very small 
number of options are exposed to data source consumers.


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