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From Jacob Zwiers <>
Subject [daemon] Odd user.dir behaviour with procrun / log4j
Date Fri, 19 Aug 2011 19:40:01 GMT
I have installed a java batch process using the version of procrun that ships with tomcat 5.5.33:

   Commons Daemon Service Runner version (Jan  5 2011) 
   Copyright (c) 2000-2011 The Apache Software Foundation.

In the installation, I specify (among other JVM options):

My configuration includes:

However, the info.log file is being written to:

I've checked the value of user.dir at many different points and it's always "C:\LOCAL\serverapps".

But, log4j is behaving as if user.dir="C:\Windows\System32" (or some other subir of C:\Windows).

>From what I can tell from the log4j source (1.2.16), the FileAppender deals only with
the and File classes which claim to make paths relative from the
user.dir location.

I've worked around the issue, but I am curious:  has anyone else has encountered this type
of behaviour?
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