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From Thomas Vandahl>
Subject [jcs] Re: Is there any method to save .key file other than dispose()/shutdown()
Date Sun, 28 Aug 2011 10:53:01 GMT
On 27.08.11 14:12, gurunath wrote:
>         I am trying to use jcs indexeddiskcache in my web application.  Here
> i need to save the cached data in disk whenever i change cached data, data
> file is updating but key dose't update untill we call dispose()/shutdown().
> After calling dispose()/shutdown() i couldn't preform put()/get()
> operations.
>        I tried with BlockDiskCache by specifying
> KeyPersistenceIntervalSeconds attribute but this one degrades performance if
> we keep less time.
>        So I am looking for other methods to save .key file. Is there any
> other method?

Please note that JCS moved to Apache Commons recently, so in the future
please direct your JCS-related questions to and
mention [jcs] in the subject.

On the subject: JCS doesn't provide this feature out of the box. You
are, however, free to derive from IndexedDiskCache to expose the
required functionality. This should be no big change. My question would
be though, why you want to save the cache data on put. Are you sure that
using a *cache* is the right thing to do for your application?

Bye, Thomas.

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