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From Oliver Heger <>
Subject Re: [Configuration] ConfigurationException
Date Wed, 10 Aug 2011 19:16:25 GMT

Am 10.08.2011 12:56, schrieb Antonio Rodriges:
> Hello,
> I am using XMLConfiguration class which throws ConfigurationException.
> It extends org.apache.commons.LANG.exception.NestableException
> The problems are:
> 1) I have to download old commons-lang-1.0 jar to resolve the issue
> (because new version, for ex. has lang3 package instead of lang)
> 2) when I include old lang jar to ecplise project, in runtime it loads
> a lot of other classes, for ex logging, text, etc, etc, and when I do
> not have corresponding jars an exception is thrown at runtime
> Should I add all those jars to the project? Is it safe to rely on old
> implementations?

It is true that Commons Configuration in its current version is not 
compatible with Commons Lang 3.x. It still targets JDK 1.4 while Lang 
3.x requires JDK 1.5+.

However, there is no need to downgrade to Lang 1.0. Configuration runs 
fine with Lang 2.x. Note that you can use the jars of Lang 2.x and Lang 
3.x in parallel because they have a different package structure.

In addition to Commons Lang, Configuration has some other dependencies 
to Commons components. They are listed on the dependencies page [1].



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