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From David Hoffer <>
Subject [email] Email attachment is inline for some reason
Date Wed, 06 Jul 2011 03:46:35 GMT
I have a strange problem.  I've used commons-email for a while now
with good success but now all of the sudden it isn't working right and
I don't know why.  The emails have 3 problems:

1. Although I attach a file to the email as an attachment it is
received inline as base64 encoded text.  I.e. my code does this:

2. The subject is replaced with this:  (no subject)

3. The from and reply to email addresses are dropped and replaced with
the email address used in as the authenticator.

This is only a problem when I run the code on the production server
which is Linux (hosted virtual server).  It works as expected on
Windows during test.  This code on the Linux server used to work but
it was a prior build, not sure what changed but nothing in the email
code changed...just a different file being sent with different

Any ideas why these three things might be occurring?


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