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From theUser BL <>
Subject RE: New BCEL version?
Date Sun, 10 Jul 2011 18:08:09 GMT

> > I think BCEL have some advantages over Objectweb ASM and other one.
> > For example for reflection it don't depends on Java reflection. So the classes don't
need to be in the classpath.
> > I know, that it isn't so fast like SVN. But a tool like SVN have to be more things
like creating code. Reflection is one of that additional things.
> Hm. You seem to be mixing things up a little :)
> It's ASM not SVN.

You are right. My mistake. Sorry.

> For ASM usually you don't have to have the classes in the classpath.
> In fact BCEL itself has some design problems in that direction.
> Maybe describe what you want to do a bit more.

I want to add additinal jar files and so on the fly to a project.

Ok, start at the beginning. Look at this BASIC-Compiler with IDE for the JavaVM.
The IDE and compiler of it is closedsource and are Windows-native binaries.
But it creates files for the JavaVM. And the runtime is OpenSource at

If you don't have Windows or don't want to instal it, here are the sample programs:
and compiled:

The sources are XML-files with encapsulated BASIC-source code.
Here an example of it:

I have already written a little FormViewer:
which shows the XML-form files using Java reflection.
But in this case, the GUI have to be in the program which is running and so it is ok.

But now I want to compile it and using Jar-files which are noch in the classpath for example.
I want something where it is possible that one file exists in two versions duplicated.
A file "myClassPath.MyFile" which is used in the compiler itself and a different version of
it with the same name, which will be used as library for the compiled program!

So I can not make use of the Java Reflection. Because with Java Reflection I can only access
to files which are part of the classpath of the current program which runs (the compiler).


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