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From Siegfried Goeschl <>
Subject Re: [email] Email attachment is inline for some reason
Date Wed, 06 Jul 2011 09:08:40 GMT
Hi David,

that sound a little bit strange - can you have a look at the JUnit 
tests? There is an "EmailLiveTest" which allows sending real emails with 
a bit of tinkering - I suggest to have a look at the test, configure 
them to send test emails to your email account and then double-check 
your production code.


Siegfried Goeschl

On 06.07.11 05:46, David Hoffer wrote:
> I have a strange problem.  I've used commons-email for a while now
> with good success but now all of the sudden it isn't working right and
> I don't know why.  The emails have 3 problems:
> 1. Although I attach a file to the email as an attachment it is
> received inline as base64 encoded text.  I.e. my code does this:
> attachment.setDisposition(EmailAttachment.ATTACHMENT);
> 2. The subject is replaced with this:  (no subject)
> 3. The from and reply to email addresses are dropped and replaced with
> the email address used in as the authenticator.
> This is only a problem when I run the code on the production server
> which is Linux (hosted virtual server).  It works as expected on
> Windows during test.  This code on the Linux server used to work but
> it was a prior build, not sure what changed but nothing in the email
> code changed...just a different file being sent with different
> description.
> Any ideas why these three things might be occurring?
> -Dave
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