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From Vladimir Stevanovic <>
Subject [configuration] backslash escaping
Date Thu, 09 Jun 2011 09:05:51 GMT
I'm using XMLConfiguration with XPathExspressionEngine and I noticed a
strange bahavior of configuraiton framework

XMLConfiguration config = new XMLConfiguration();
config.setExpressionEngine(new XPathExpressionEngine());
if (!config.containsKey("paths")) {
    config.addProperty(" paths", "");
if (!config.containsKey("paths/path")) {
    config.addProperty("paths path", "c:\\some\\path");
}else {
    config.setProperty("paths/path", "c:\\some\\other\\path");

Afrer running the code above for the first time, created xml file has
to following line:

But afrer running again the line looks like this:


It seems that setProperty is performing some kind of escaping. What's
the reason for that?

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