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From wayne <>
Subject [Javaflow]AssertionViolatedException
Date Mon, 06 Jun 2011 07:30:49 GMT
Hi All:

about [javaflow] Ant task terminates with

Somebody mention the solution as follow:

Unexpected behaviour: When the Javaflow Ant task is executed on a set
of class files in the file system, then Ant terminates with the error

org.apache.bcel.verifier.exc.AssertionViolatedException: INTERNAL
ERROR: Missing class: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: Exception
while looking for class de.michab.scream.FirstClassObject: Couldn't find:

Expected is, that the task can rewrite the class files without
throwing an exception.

The reason for the above behaviour is that currently no explicit Bcel
repository is set. This repository (org.apache.bcel.util.Repository)
is responsible for resolving class references while Bcel is working.
Since none was set explicitly, the implicit default repository is
used, which depends on the class path.

The solution for the above problem is that the BcelClassTransformer
always explicitly installs a SyntheticRepository that points to the
task's srcDir.

Is anyone know how to install a SyntheticRepository that points to the
task's srcDir.  Do we need to modify the Javaflow ant task?

from Wayne

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