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From Sarel Botha <>
Subject [jexl] Differences between Expression, Script and Unified
Date Mon, 27 Jun 2011 01:17:47 GMT
Does anyone know the best place where I can go to see the differences 
between the variations of JEXL? I've noted the following so far.

This only allows for a single command to be executed and the result from 
that is returned. If you try to use multiple commands it ignores 
everything after the first semi-colon and just returns the result from 
the first command.

This allows you to put multiple commands in the expression and you can 
use variable assignments, loops, calculations, etc. The result from the 
last command is returned from the script.

This is ideal for text. To get a calculation you use the EL-like syntax 
as in ${someVariable}. The expression that goes between the brackets 
behaves like a script, not an expression. You can use semi-colons to 
execute multiple commands and the result from the last command is 
returned from the script.


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