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From Matthias Wessendorf <>
Subject [daemon] "jsvc" integration into to maven-based integration/unit tests?
Date Mon, 09 May 2011 13:14:42 GMT

during our maven-based build, we have some integration tests, which
runs our own server and binds it on low ports (e.g. 443 and 80).
We start our server during those integration tests, by using a
Maven-Plugin which invokes the "API" of the server (I guess in a
way how the Jetty container is started by its maven-plugin).

On Windows this all is fine.
On Linux you are not able to bind those lower ports, but there is a
work-around (authbind):

However, on Mac there is no authbind port (and it does not compile) :-(

After some research, I found the jsvc from the Commons Daemon projects.

I am now wondering if folks have integrated the jsvc in a similar case?
(E.g. binding servers to low ports during integration/unit testing,
without being root)

Ideally we do not have to change the "Start / Stop" API of our server
in order to that.

Any pointers are appreciated!


Matthias Wessendorf


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