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From Csillag Kristof <>
Subject Fwd: [vfs] tar gz caching
Date Fri, 06 May 2011 15:31:46 GMT

I am working on a small application, which needs to recursively scan a
directory, and do stuff with thousands of small files.
I was told to add the ability to access the files in a tgz (like a
directory), so I ported the app from the Java File api to the Apache
Commons VFS api.

Now I can read from TGZ files, but it's very, very, very slow.

It looks like the TGZ is extracted every time a small file is accessed
inside it. (And there are thousands of small files.)

To solve this, I would need some kind of caching.

Is there a way to cache the uncompressed contents of the TGZ?

Or if this is not supported, then what is the recommended approach?

Thank you for your help:


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