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From Nick Fortescue <>
Subject [math] MullerSolver() empty constructor deprecated. Replacement?
Date Wed, 20 Apr 2011 09:25:58 GMT
MullerSolver() and other Univariate solvers (NewtonSolver,
SecantSolver) have had their no argument constructor deprecated. In
the deprecation comment it says "to be removed in 3.0". I can see no
mention in the javadocs for commons-math 2.2 or 3.0 of any replacement
mechanism for constructing, and the method still exists in the 3.0
I can think of 4 possibilities:

1) The deprecation of this method was a mistake and added at the same
time as the constructor which took a function.
2) The proposal is that construction be moved to a factory class, but
the Factory class has not been added yet.
3) There is an alternative way of constructing a MullerSolver I
haven't found yet.
4) Deprecation has been decided with no migration route yet decided upon.

Can anyone tell me which of these is correct, or a fifth option, and
tell me how code which uses "new MullerSolver()" should be changed?

I really hope it isn't 4! My guess is 2, as SecantSolver has
UnivariateRealSolverFactoryImpl.newSecantColver(). While I might
disagree with this design (force the use of the Factory) at least
there is the hope of migration.


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