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From "fxbird" <>
Subject [digester]How to use SimpleRegexMatcher?
Date Wed, 30 Mar 2011 09:49:30 GMT
Hi all:

I want to match some unknow elements nested some parent element where some newly defined element
might be added sometime.

The sample xml is as below:

<Class name="" method="entry">

            <Parameter name="comment" index="0" type="insert" table="MOCO_CODICMT">
                    <DeviceType constant="true">pc</DeviceType>
                    <CheckStatus constant="true">N</CheckStatus>
                    <ValidCheck constant="true">Yes</ValidCheck>
                    <!--<Type constant="true/false"></Type>-->

   The elements under <Main> and <SubText> are all variable someday, both name
and amounts. So I define a ParaItem pojo to wrap sub elements of the two element.  That means
I want to create a Paraitem for every sub element ,whatever its name is, then add the object
to paraent object Parameter's list property saving all the related Paraitem.

   The Paraitem source code is following:

public class ParaItem {
    private String elemName;
    private String argPropNameOrValue;
    private boolean isConstant;
    public ParaItem() {
    public ParaItem(String elemName, String argPropNameOrValue,  boolean constant) {
        this.elemName = elemName;
        this.argPropNameOrValue = argPropNameOrValue;
        isConstant = constant;
    public ParaItem(String elemName, String argPropNameOrValue) {
        this.elemName = elemName;
        this.argPropNameOrValue = argPropNameOrValue;
    public String getElemName() {
        return elemName;
    public String getArgPropNameOrValue() {
        return argPropNameOrValue;
    public boolean isConstant() {
        return isConstant;

 The Parameter source code is below:
public class Parameter {
    private String index;
    private String operType;
    private String dataType;
    private List<ParaItem> listMainFiled =new ArrayList<ParaItem>();
    private List<ParaItem> listSubField =new ArrayList<ParaItem>();
    public Parameter(String operType) {
        this.operType = operType;
    public List<ParaItem> getListMainFiled() {
        return listMainFiled;
    public void setListMainFiled(List<ParaItem> listMainFiled) {
        this.listMainFiled = listMainFiled;
    public List<ParaItem> getListSubField() {
        return listSubField;
    public void setListSubField(List<ParaItem> listSubField) {
        this.listSubField = listSubField;
    public String getIndex() {
        return index;
    public void setIndex(String index) {
        this.index = index;
    public String getOperType() {
        return operType;
    public void setOperType(String operType) {
        this.operType = operType;
    public String getDataType() {
        return dataType;
    public void setDataType(String dataType) {
        this.dataType = dataType;
    public void addMainParaItem(ParaItem pi){
    public void addSubParaItem(ParaItem pi){

   I suppose regex rule is the best way to make it , but googling and the javadoc doesn't
tell me how to set a regex expression for a pattern. No way out, who knows the solotion ,


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