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From Joe Littlejohn <>
Subject Re: [jci] Can someone please make a 1.1 release?
Date Tue, 15 Feb 2011 17:45:39 GMT
>> I already read the impl is part of JDK and I was wondering if JCI will
>> stop development and is in maintenance mode for the old JDKs
> TBH ... I was thinking the same. Until Joe asked for a release :)

I can certainly understand that JCI may seem a little redundant now
that JSR-199 has arrived. I'm not sure whether it's worth investing a
great deal of time in JCI, but I am sure that the trunk is currently a
lot more useful than what's available in a release.

If all you do is make one more release, I think this project will be
leaving a useful legacy, even if it is no longer in active

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