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From Mike Power <>
Subject Re: [Configuration] Is there any way to save my complex bean in XML resource and use it later ?
Date Fri, 18 Feb 2011 16:39:28 GMT

On 02/16/2011 02:32 AM, Jörg Schaible wrote:
> Hi Moein,
> Moein Enayati wrote:
>> Dear all
>> Hi
>> Till now ,whenever I want to use Apache.Commons.Configuration API with an
>> XML file , I’ve written down myBeans definition manually in XML resource.
>> But now I have a new demand to use complex beans with complex property
>> types and the ability to save them (their signature) automatically in the
>> XML resource.
>> I’ve just find apache.commons.betwixt. BeanWriter() having the ability ,
>> but it seems configuration-API has its own signature.
>> Is there any way in Apache.commons.configuration  to save my beans in an
>> xml file which is compatible with configuration ?
> This is definitely out of scope for commons configuration. What you're
> looking for is a persistence layer that can turn a Java object into XML and
> restore it later. This is a classical task for JAXB or something like
> XStream.
> - Jörg
Just sharing an observation I have made while researching my 
configuration needs.  I ended up looking in commons configuration for a 
means of loading a configuration from XML into a Configuration object 
and then loading from that Configuration into a bean.  I still wanted 
interpolation and combined configuration.  I did not find that in 
Configuration so I decided that I would still use Configuration and not 
design and implement that particular solution.

My use case, I am writing an application, maven plugin, ant plugin, all 
of which basically does the same thing.  Both ant and maven have a a 
configuration api that represents a bean as XML.  So that covered both 
ant and maven, but I still needed a way to configure the application.  I 
thought it would be nice to leverage the same concept that I used for 
maven and ant.  The idea being that maven, ant, and the application 
would load their configuration into the same bean object.  The XML 
between the three may not be syntactically the same, but it would be 

I find the configuration api to be useful as it is, and I am perfectly 
happy adding an additional library for functionality when it is out of 
scope for configuration.

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