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From Libor Jelinek <>
Subject Re: [SCXML] Actionscript SCXML engine
Date Sun, 30 Jan 2011 18:42:49 GMT
Hello Gavin!
It sounds like very ambitious goal. Go for it.

I don't know ActionScript but I should have syntax derived from
JavaScript (ECMAScript). There is already JS SCXML engine at so you use it
like base or at least for inspiration.

God bless you!

2011/1/30 Gavin Lei <>:
> Hi guys,
> I am a doctor student from China. My name is Gavin Lei. I have much
> Flex/Flash development experience, and you know that we usually use Flash
> actionscript to develop some cartoon application, such as some thing move in
> the screen. Recently, i noticed that SCXML may be a good solution for this
> kind of application, it can control state and transation very well.
> But sadly i can not get any good ActionScript based SCXML engine, and we
> know we have a Java based SCXML engine under Apache Commons, so i want to
> develop a similar actionscript based SCXML engine. I will finish this job
> step by step:
> step 1:
> Finish basic element parse job for SCXML document, these elements includes:
> SCXML,state,transition,parallel,initial,final,onentry,onexit and some other
> relative basic element. I will implenent them in actionscript, parse them
> into ActionScript object.
> step 2:
> Finish execute content elements parse job for SCXML document, parse Raise,
> If, ElseIf, Else and Log into Actionscript object, and we should involve
> Data Model elements parse job too, for example, we usually use datamodel
> element as If elements' parameter
> step 3:
> Just like Commons SCXML engine, we should build TriggerEvent, Step, Status
> and SCInstance and basic SCXMLExecutor here, package a basic SCXML executor
> engine here.
> After these jobs, i will put myself upon thinking about the most useful
> CustomAction implemention in this ActionScript SCXML engine.
> Any good advises? please let me know, thank you.
> --
> ---------------------------------
> Best Regards
> Gavin Lei (雷银)
> Email:

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