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From Ken Tanaka <>
Subject Re: [PIPELINE]
Date Tue, 25 Jan 2011 21:39:32 GMT
I sent this reply yesterday but haven't seen it show up yet, so I'm 
resending this--hopefully this isn't a duplicate.

We still use the pipeline for several scientific data loading projects. 
A number of which summarize the spatial geometry and insert records into 
a geospatial database (Oracle) that backs our ArcIMS interactive maps. ( 
Multibeam Bathymetry is one example ) The pipeline 
code has a few updates that haven't been integrated yet (including Mark 
Southern's contributions), but there hasn't been much development here 
other than keeping up to date with the current version of maven. I know 
there are a number of alternatives out there, but the pipeline is fairly 
easy to use since it's focus is narrow. Besides Spring Batch, maybe 
Kepler <>, Lift (Scala) or Akka 
<> (Java and Scala) are worth looking into.

We still configure the pipeline with digester, but I'd be interested in 
any examples of configuring the pipeline with Spring or Groovy.


Kevin Bootz wrote:
> Is anyone monitoring/developing with the commons pipeline project? The few entries I've
seen in the archives and the sandbox are years old and aside from the NOAA website(Ken Tanaka?)
there are scarce resources for learning the suite. Any homegrown examples out there that do
not incorporate the digester?
> Thanks

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