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From Andy Turner <>
Subject RE: [Math] BigDecimal to power
Date Tue, 25 Jan 2011 16:05:32 GMT
Hi and thanks Luc,

> It may interesting to add this feature. I didn't look precisely but how
> does it compare to our arbitrary precision dflp package ?

I don't see a dflp package in 2.1. Can you give me a better pointer? I want to compare...

If anyone knows a way of raising a BigDecimal to the power of another BigDecimal and getting
the result correct to a specified number of decimal places using commons Math or anything
else open source, please let us know.

I found, which looks to implement some arbitrary rational number arithmetic
( It does not look
like Java, but I'm going to take a look soon anyway...

> Neither System.out nor System.err are allowed. Apache Commons Math is a
> low level library and it can be used in many different systems. It can
> be used in applications that are not connected to a console. Errors are
> provided by exceptions and the application developers can do what they
> want with them, printing them by temselves to System.out or System.err
> for example, but also displaying a popup window in a graphical
> environment, sending a notification through network in a distributed
> environment, logging something in a file, or a database, or a system log ...
> Also the units tests should be able to run unattended in continuous
> integrations systems like Gump, Confluence, Hudson or in our maven build
> system... So even in tests, we don't allow output. We use only the
> automatic output features of Junit when test fails (these outputs are in
> fact already wrapped by these integration frameworks).

Thanks, that's clear, I can see a better way now :-)


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