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From "P.N." <>
Subject [procrun] How to start a java service?
Date Wed, 15 Dec 2010 08:49:46 GMT


I'm trying to start a java app as a windows service.

I've installed the app using:

commons-daemon\prunsrv.exe //IS//MyService --DisplayName="My 
Description" --Install=K:\my\path\commons-daemon\prunsrv.exe 
--Jvm=C:\path\to\jre\bin\server\jvm.dll --JvmMx=512 
--JvmOptions="-Dmy.option=xyz" --StartMode=jvm 
--StartClass=my.wrapper.MyServiceClass --StartMethod=start 
--StartParams="-a:b;-c:d" --StopMode=jvm 
--StopClass=my.wrapper.MyServiceClass --StopMethod=stop --StdOutput=auto 
--StdError=auto --LogLevel=Debug

Result: Service is installed.

When trying to start my service (from Services console), I'm getting an 
error 3 (Path does not exist). No path is given, and all the paths do 
exist and are changed to be absolute, as You can see above.

When trying to start a service from the command window (using the start 
command from the services properties in the Services console), it fails, 
errors are logged only:

[2010-12-15 09:09:31] [info]  Commons Daemon procrun ( 32-bit) 
[2010-12-15 09:09:31] [info]  Running 'MyService' Service...
[2010-12-15 09:09:46] [info]  Run service finished.
[2010-12-15 09:09:46] [error] Commons Daemon procrun failed with exit 
value: 4 (Failed to run service)

Can somebody tell me, what I've done wrong?

Kind regards


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