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From "Trei, Roberta L" <>
Subject <Daemon> How to debug service crashes
Date Tue, 14 Dec 2010 21:15:35 GMT
Re: Daemon
>> The phrase "This is deceased code in our attic" refers to the Apache
>> Directory bootstrap code, not to Commons Daemon.
>Yes this is absolutely true. Sorry I did not want to create any confusion
> Alex Karasulu

I'm sure the confusion was mine, and I appreciate it being cleared up.  

I would very much like to continue with my attempts to use the Apache Commons Daemon as a
wrapper to Jetty 7.2.0.... but I am still blocked with finding out what is going on when I
start the service. It is returning right away, so it is most likely an exception, but I can't
get any useful debug information.  Does anyone have any suggestions for how to proceed?

Here is how I have defined the service:
prunsrv //IS//jetty-7.2.0 --DisplayName="Jetty 7.2.0" --Jvm=auto --StartMode=java --StopMode=java
--StartClass=c:\nq\Portal\jetty-7.2.0\start.jar -StopClass=c:\nq\Portal\jetty-7.2.0\start.jar

I will appreciate any feedback, as this area is new to me.


Robin Trei 
Director, Development 
Infrastructure Management
Tel: 508-628-8498 
Con Call: 866-376-6162  974-3156-383

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