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From jocke eriksson <>
Subject Re: [SCXML] custom tags
Date Mon, 13 Dec 2010 08:28:19 GMT
Hej jonathan I have done a telephony state machine, and commons scxml
was a perfect choice for handling the logic. Custom actions and custom
tags are the same thing.

register your action like this.
List<CustomAction> actions ....
actions.add(new CustomAction(NAME_SPACE, "menu", MenuAction.class));
SCXMLParser.parse(document, errHandler, actions);

And menu action is a class that have getters and setters for choices
maxtime and value.

<ms:menu choices="'123"  maxtime="30s" value="main-menu.wav'" />

If you need anymore help don't be afraid to ask

Regards Jocke

2010/12/13 jonathan augenstine <>:
> I am investigating using the SCXML to implement a telephony state machine.
>  I need to be able to add custom tags and actions.  I see examples of adding
> custom actions, but no examples of adding custom tags.  Can someone point me
> in the direction of how to accomplish that task?
> Jonathan

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