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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: [dbcp] Trying to replace Tomcat 5.5 dbcp with original dbcp
Date Wed, 24 Nov 2010 16:48:21 GMT
On 24/11/2010 16:06, Hildebrand, Nils, 232 wrote:
> Hi,
> I am trying to track down a problem propably related to DBCP 1.3.
> For details see
> To get further I need to replace dbcp 1.3 - as supplied with Tomcat
> 5.5.30 or 5.5.31 with the original.

Don't waste your time. The code is identical just in a different
package. Using DBCP 1.3 directly isn't going to help.

> I a first step I would like to upgrade to dbcp 1.4 if then my error
> still persists, I will donwgrade to dbcp 1.2.x if then the error is gone
> I will open a bug report for dbcp.

That is worth doing although I'd be amazed if the upgrade to 1.4 helps
since apart from adding some JDBC4 methods, DBCP 1.3 and DBCP 1.4 are

> Is there a short howto how to accomplish the task of exchanging the
> Tomcat dbcp with a different version?
Not that I recall. Plenty of places for you to create one (Tomcat wiki,
Commons wiki) once you have the steps figured out.

> From what I until now know I presume:
> - change conf/server.xml DB-Resource-Secation factory attribute
> - put some jar-files into common/lib (which ones?)
commons-dbcp and commons-pool for the version you want to use. Use the
latest pool (1.5.5)

> - perhaps delete some tomcat-included dbcp-files (which ones?)
No need.

> Somewhere I read something about some security settings, too that will
> have to be changed to allow access to the new jars (where and how)?
No need. Tomcat grants full permissions to all JARs in lib/


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