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From Christopher Dragert <>
Subject [scxml] Questions on Multiple Instances
Date Mon, 25 Oct 2010 16:19:03 GMT
The scenario:  I have many different classes (call them type A) each with their own unique
SCXML state chart. Though designed to work together, type A classes are necessarily separate
because we need them to be used modularly. Another set of classes (call these type B), each
instantiate a subset of the available type A classes.  Inside a type B class, events are manually
passed between the state charts in a broadcast arrangement.  Thus, there are many different
type B classes, each containing their own instances of several type A classes that essentially
operate as parallel state charts.

 I am having problems with the efficiency of this arrangement.  I have two questions:

1)  When a state chart is parsed and loaded, one of the steps is to create an SCXML engine.
 Is it possible to clone the engine?  In my scenario, each type A class may be instantiated
many times.  This means that the associated SCXML file is parsed and loaded many times, causing
a significant slow down at load time.  Cloning an engine seems to offer a way around this.

2)  Is it possible to create an engine, then add a new state chart to the engine, treated
as though it was part of the first state chart but enclosed in <parallel> tags?  In
my scenario, this would allow my type B classes to only have one execution environment for
all of its instantiated type A classes.  Since we don't know what type As will be contained
in a type B, it seems hard to do this by prebuilding scxml files that actually contain the
<parallel> sections.  All this could be done before the state chart begins execution.

Any other advice regarding running large number of SCXML files would be appreciated!  Thanks
for any help.

Chris Dragert

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