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From Hallvard Trætteberg <>
Subject [scxml] update datamodel from Java
Date Tue, 21 Sep 2010 09:13:45 GMT
  I came across this one in the archive and would like to comment:

>>  A simple implementation would
>>  reevalute all events without and event attribute, a better
>>  implemention may ask the script engine which expression depends on
>>  what.

>  Indeed. We cater to a number of expression languages and if some
>  provide an ability to conveniently build such expression dependency
>  graphs, we can incorporate them on a case-by-case basis. Much of the
>  work to come up with such graphs would best be done outside Commons
>  SCXML as this work is currently incidental to SCXML.

I've lately worked on integrating SCXML with Javascript and EMF
(Eclipse Modeling Framework). One use case is reacting to changes in an EMF
object graph (not SCXML's native datamodel). With this integration you 
can use
Javascript in events, conditions and actions. When used in an event, the 
accesses to the EMF objects are recorded, and if the read parts are changed,
a corresponding event is sent to the machine. This mechanism is useful for
both an application's business logic and user interface, and is fairly 
integrated with SCXML.


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