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From Hallvard Trætteberg <>
Subject [scxml] Transitions without targets compete for enablement
Date Mon, 20 Sep 2010 09:25:57 GMT

I'm trying to implement a state such that whenever some event (in a 
predetermined set) occurs a corresponding actions should be performed, 
e.g. whenever event eA occurs, action aA should be performed, whenever 
event eB occurs, action aB should be performed etc. I've implemented 
this using one targetless transition for each event/action pair, so that 
the appropriate action is performed without leaving the state. Now I've 
discovered that only the first transition (in document order) is 
enabled, if several events are triggered at the same time. I understand 
that if there are several transitions out of a state, only one can be 
enabled. However, none of my transitions have a target so I thought they 
could all be enabled at the same time. What's the reason for not 
allowing this?


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