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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: Static versus Transient Logger Declarations
Date Fri, 10 Sep 2010 13:25:08 GMT
On 10/09/2010 13:29, Leon Rosenberg wrote:
> Hello,
> as to my knowledge the modern containers do not encourage the usage of
> shared data anymore, and this was the only possible problem cause
> anyway:
> The real root cause of this problem is that SHARED data (static
> members on a class) is being shared across supposedly independent
> "applications". If no classes are "shared" between applications then
> the problem does not exist. However it appears that (to my personal
> frustration) container vendors continue to encourage the use of shared
> classes, and application developers continue to use it.
> In other words, if the application developer is dumb enough to put his
> logging library in the shared lib folder of the container he will
> encounter a problem. If he's a brave soul and deploys each webapp
> independtly he will have no problems. Right?
> Since the dumb developer will always find a way to mess stuff up, I
> would say the whole discussion is pointless ;-)

With my Tomcat hat on +1.

Sharing libraries between web applications is a really bad idea in so
many different ways. The benefits (less disk space, less memory) are
very, very rarely worth the associated costs of significantly more
complex upgrades & restarts, scope for memory leaks, etc.

> P.S. talking about modern containers I was referring to tomcat.

Nice to know it is thought of as modern :)


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