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From Siegfried Goeschl <>
Subject Re: [exec] Getting Error opening terminal error while trying to execute command on linux
Date Sun, 05 Sep 2010 20:32:03 GMT
Hi Mohamed,

can you have a look at DefaultExecutorTest#testExecuteWithEnv() to check 
what's missing or wrong -


Siegfried Goeschl

On 9/5/10 10:09 PM, Mohammed Sanaulla wrote:
> I was able to execute the command. I got the environment variable map from
> the EnvironmentUtils and then added a new entry for TERM and then passed
> this Map along with execute() method of the DefaultExecutor.
> -
> Mohamed Sanaulla
> On 6 September 2010 00:43, Mohammed Sanaulla<>  wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I have recently started to use Exec. I was trying to execute "proz" command
>> (Command for Prozilla) on Linux using the CommandLine and DefaultExecutor as
>> an asynchronous process. When ever I try to run the program I get the
>> following error: Error opening terminal: unknown.
>> And the code terminates with Exit Value=1.
>> I did a bit of research to find out that- its not able to determine the
>> type of terminal. So there were solutions to set the value of $TERM with the
>> value obtained from "echo $TERM" (which in my case is xterm). I had a look
>> at the EnvironmentUtils class and tried to use it to set the value of $TERM
>> before executing the command. I used the following to set it:
>> Map environment = EnvironmentUtils.getProcEnvironment();
>> EnvironmentUtils.addVariableToEnvironment(EnvironmentUtils.getProcEnvironment(),"TERM=xterm");
>> But am not able to set the env variable. Any idea what's going wrong in
>> both the places (executing the command and setting the env variable)
>> Regards,
>> Mohamed Sanaulla

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