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From Thiébault Benoît <>
Subject [scxml] How to retrieve the transition target in a custom action
Date Mon, 20 Sep 2010 10:04:21 GMT
Hi everyone,

I would like to retrieve the transition target (if there is one) in my custom action.
How can I do this?

My need is more to know if there is a transition than to know what the target is.
I need this info to know if it is possible to launch a long computation in a different thread:
- if there is a transition target, the state machine will go to the new state and my computation
will be started in one state and continue in another one, which I want to avoid.
- if there is no transition target, it means that my computation is performed within the original
state (internal transition) and I can use my computation without fearing an undetermined state

Kind regards,

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