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From Adrian Wilkins <>
Subject Use of assertSame in Map tests.
Date Mon, 16 Aug 2010 10:25:58 GMT
Hello there... I've been writing an implementation of SortedMap that
doesn't have concrete objects for keys, but instead reconstructs them
on the fly where Entry<K, V> instances are required. Wanting a good
test suite for them, I've been re-using yours. :-)

The key objects satisfy the contract as far as .equals() and
.hashCode() go ; but some of the tests compare keys with the JUnit
Assert.assertSame() method, e.g. in
AbstractTestSortedMap.testFirstKey(), and hence fail because they
receive two keys that are different objects even where

I can of course, override the tests to behave as I wish, but would it
be more correct to use assertEqual() to check key equality, or use the
defined comparator if present?

The test acknowledges the existence of sorted maps that use a
Comparator also (by providing testComparator(), which contains no
substantive tests). If the key equality tests are worked over it would
seem to be a useful opportunity to provide some abstract methods to
allow the provision (and use) of a comparator for key tests also.

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