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From Juan Barandiaran <>
Subject [math] Accuracy in root finding with newBrentSolver
Date Fri, 13 Aug 2010 01:15:08 GMT
Hi, I'm working in a theoretical physics problem in which I have to find the
roots of a function for every point in x,y,z.
I can bracket quite precisely where every root will be found and I know the
exact solution for many points:
For every point (x= 1, y= n*2*PI, z= 0) the root is in -n*2*PI.

I have been using the newBrentSolver function, but to my surprise, even when
I set the Accuracy settings to very
small values and the MaxIterationCount to Integer.MAX_VALUE I get an error
of 1.427E-5 (too much).

The function to be solved is alfa in
: alfa+Math.sqrt(Math.pow(x-Math.cos(alfa),2.0)+Math.pow(y-Math.sin(alfa),2.0)+z*z);

Any hint of how could I get more precision on a root finder solver?
I attach the code of a short Test Case program that shows the error I'm

Thanks and best regards,



   ELECTRON DENSITY OF ENERGY: ALFA Retarded Position Calculation
   SpinningParticles Model

@author Martin Rivas (SpinningParticles theory) & Juan Barandiaran
(Numerical Analysis & Calculation Program)

Test case to try different solvers from the Apache Commons-Math library,
showing 1.427E-5 (too much) error in the resulting roots.

Compiled in JAVA with Eclipse SDK 3.6:
and with the Apache Commons-Math library 2.1  <>


package testCaseRootFindingSolversPackage;

import org.apache.commons.math.analysis.UnivariateRealFunction;
import org.apache.commons.math.analysis.solvers.*;
import org.apache.commons.math.ConvergenceException;
import org.apache.commons.math.FunctionEvaluationException;

public class TestCaseRootFindingSolvers  {

 public static class AlfaFunctionClass implements UnivariateRealFunction {
//Alfa is the angle of the point dependent retarded position where the
electron charge was when it produced the field that influences the evaluated
x,y,z point
 //To calculate it we must find the root of its equation between
-sqr((x^2+y^2+z^2))-1 and -sqr((x^2+y^2+z^2))+1 as the correct root must be
negative (retarded)
 //and bracketed around the module of the position vector

private double x;
 private double y;
private double z;

public AlfaFunctionClass(double x, double y, double z) {
 this.x  = x;
this.y = y;
 this.z = z;
 // this is the method specified by interface UnivariateRealFunction
public double value(double alfa) {
 // here, we have to evaluate the function that calculates the retarded
position angle alfa.

public static class EnergyDensityFunctionAlfaClass {
 public double evaluate(double x, double y, double z) {
double alfa;
 UnivariateRealFunction alfaFunction = new AlfaFunctionClass(x,y,z);
UnivariateRealSolverFactory factory =
 UnivariateRealSolver solver = factory.newBrentSolver();  //Fails when the
result in the two bracketing points has the same sign
// UnivariateRealSolver solver = factory.newBisectionSolver();

//Trying to get the maximal precision with the available settings
try {
alfa = solver.solve(alfaFunction, -1.0*Math.sqrt(x*x+y*y+z*z)-1.0,
 } catch (ConvergenceException e) {
// TODO Auto-generated catch block
alfa= 0.0;
} catch (FunctionEvaluationException e) {
 // TODO Auto-generated catch block
alfa= 0.0;
Can't be cero with 1,42E-5 error?????");

 return alfa;
 public static void main(String args[]) {
// Variables
double alfa=0.0;
 double error;
EnergyDensityFunctionAlfaClass energyDensityFunction= new
 //Example point, although we have to evaluate the function for every point
in space.
double x=1.0;
 double n=1.0;
double y=n*2.0*Math.PI;
double z=0.0;
 alfa= energyDensityFunction.evaluate(x, y, z);
System.out.println("Alfa= Root calculated with Apache Solver=
 error= alfa+n*2*Math.PI;
System.out.println("Error= Difference between the Alfa Root calculated with
Apache Solver and n*2*PI (exact root for any integer n)=
 } // End of main
} //End

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