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From Ferindo Middleton <>
Subject Re: [email] embed/include dynamic Java Server Pages content in email/NTLM Authentication to Exchange Server
Date Tue, 17 Aug 2010 03:10:13 GMT
I finally figured out how to get the emails sent using NTLM authentication
to a MS Exchange server for my webapps on my Tomcat servlet container again.
Using the new NTLM support provided in the JavaMail API, I was able to
configure a JNDI resource in the Tomcat server.xml file to be used by the
mailer 1.1 taglib. I originally started using commons-email because I
 thought it was a viable option I could use to support sending emails from
my JSPs with the same dynamic content provided by the JSP but I later
discovered that commons-email would not provide the integration I needed
with my JSPs for rapid development. While possible, it would require a whole
lot of java coding that I just don't have the time for. I'll paste the
config below because I think someone replied to previous posts I made
indicating that it would be useful for further integration for commons-email
package to know what my NTLM config required in order to work. Please note
that I realize some of this isn't necessarily required for the NTLM
authentication to work and there are a couple lines, maybe 3, that I hadn't
tried just leaving out, but just my preference in total config options for
JavaMail. This below works for my Tomcat JNDI resource config (I'm using
JavaMail 1.4.3): (I know this isn't exactly the right list but in caase
you'd like to know, I tested what I write below on both Tomcat 5 and 6 and

 <Context path=".......Tomcat configuration for my webapp goes here)

<Resource name=".... (I setup a database resource for this webapp here)

<!-- JavaMail Configuration starts here -->

<Resource name="mail/Session" auth="Container"




I used the documentation provided for Package com.sun.mail.smtp located

I also had to download the latest jcifs jar file from the JCIFS site: which is available under the LGPL license and of
course include that in the server's Classpath along with the JavaMail .jar
I imagine that if you're using commons-email, you'd need to include it in
your path as well.  Note that the 1.2.x versions JCIFS won't work as the API
has apparently changed incompatibly so you have to use versions released
after 1.2. The SMTP and IMAP providers in the JavaMail download support the
use of NTLM with the following properties used to configure the NTLM

    The NTLM authentication domain.

    NTLM protocol-specific flags.
    See for details.

So the main part of my Tomcat configuration above actually turning on the
NTLM support is the "mail.smtp.auth.ntlm.domain" part but I imagine of
course  I do still need to provide login credentials... and I think I also
needed to specify that auth is true and the"*" I think
was especially important because, in previous testing, I noted how JavaMail
was apparently unable to trust the Exchange server's certificate.... the"*" says to just trust everybody. This option takes a
white-space separated list of hosts, those hosts are trusted so I guess I
could've just put the servers network id there (the same serverid I provided
in "mail.smtp.auth.ntlm.domain") but I was unsure if it would simply work so
I just said trust everybody and I think it's pretty safe to do that here
though because this webapp is behind a pretty secure firewall.

For some odd reason, I did have to include the authentication credentials
above twice as I did in the config above but I think that is just because
the actual Mailer Taglib I'm using requires login credentials for
authentication to the server and for some reason the "mail.smtp.user" &
"mail.smtp.password" lines weren't enough to make the authentication happen.
I did have to specify the port to use but I'm not really sure if I needed
"" as I did say "mail.smtp.auth.ntlm.domain=xxxxx" which
is absolutely necessary for NTLM but the server network id is just exactly
the same for both these options... It worked so I left it.

Luckily, I didn't even have to use the "flags" options above in my config
(the flags seemed very very complicated but I guess if this Exchange
server's configuration was more sophisticated, I might have had to spend
another month trying to figure out the flags which are apparently included
in the header and setting them here I suppose would provide other options
not present in the standard JavaMail API)

They noted in the documentation for NTLM that this capability is very new
and has NOT been thoroughly tested and the APIs and properties used to
control it should be considered EXPERIMENTAL. They may be changed in the
future in ways that are incompatible with applications using the current
APIs and properties.

I'm just glad that support for Microsoft's proprietary NTLM authentication
mechanism is supported and that I am able to configure the the JavaMail at
the Tomcat server level so I could continue using this old unsupported
Mailer 1.1 taglib (
instead of heavy Java coding with commons-email.... Now all I've got to do
is figure out how to attach a file from the database resource in my config
above to the emails (I was able to get past alot of Java coding to get the
email sent but I think I'm going to have to actually develop some Java code
still because the Mailer tag doesn't have very good API for including
attachments from a database in the tag)

Hope my info above helps with commons-email integration with JavaMail NTLM
authentication and doesn't annoy anyone... I'll stop posting here now
because I'm really not using commons-email anymore but I'll keep it in mind
if I have to send a more simple non-JSP-integrated email messages using java
technology on a future project.

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