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From "Wm.A.Stafford" <>
Subject [DIGESTER] can stack trace be turned off?
Date Mon, 23 Aug 2010 15:35:12 GMT
I'm  using digester in a utility that checks to see if a particular 
document has been added to a web service repository.  If the document 
exists it is returned and digester parses it without error.  If the 
document does not exist the server sends a one line html document that 
causes digester to throw a parse error.

     try {              
            curDoc = digester.parse(curURL) ;
        } catch ( Exception e ) {
            System.out.println("No document found for " + curURL );

In addition to throwing an exception  the digester.parse() call will  
also result in a stack trace when a parse error is encountered.  Users 
are getting confused by the trace information so I would like to 
suppress it.  I don't see any mention of this in digester docs, does 
anyone know how to do it?

Thanks for any help or advice,

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