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From Siegfried Goeschl <>
Subject Re: [email] embed/include dynamic Java Server Pages content in email/NTLM Authentication to Exchange Server
Date Fri, 13 Aug 2010 07:15:28 GMT
Sounds good to me to have the mail session as JNDI resource ... :-)


Siegfried Goeschl

PS: Could you post the final configuration when you are done - just in 
case I have to use a NTKM secured mail server at the next custemer? Then 
I can also add it to the FAQ section

On 13.08.10 03:40, Ferindo Middleton wrote:
> I did some further research into the original Taglibs Mailer I was using (
> I
> was using one of the three ways that mail can be sent using that tag: simply
> using the name of the SMTP host and authentication userid&  password within
> the tag. The second requires the name of a JNDI Resource for a JavaMail
> Session. I'm going to research this second way as I think it will give me
> the options of specifying/configuring the JavaMail session to better
> authenticate using NTLM.I really want to continue using the taglib way of
> sending my emails from my Java Server Pages. I saw another post by someone
> outlining a servlet a user wrote to grab the Request properties of the
> parsed JSP to pass to the commons-email package but I wanted to continue
> using my taglib at the presentation layer to assist with the kind of rapid
> development I'm looking for. I was kind of surprised that no one seems to be
> actively working on the mailer taglibs considering that sending email from
> webapps is such a key function but it appears that with a little further
> research in setting up a Javamail JNDI session on the Tomcat Server, I can
> be able to more accurately configure the connection properties to allow for
> NTLM authentication. That was my original problem: the way I was using the
> tag didn't allow for a more sophisticated specification/configuration of the
> connection parameters.  But it looks like I will be able to configure the
> JavaMail connection at the server level and still use the same old tag that
> has now been strangely retired.

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