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From Davi Menezes <>
Subject [vfs] SoftRefFilesCache & SoftRefReleaseThread
Date Tue, 10 Aug 2010 16:24:16 GMT
  Hi there,

I've been using Apache Commons VFS for implementing a file replication 
solution. I'm facing a couple issues which I would like to check if 
someone can give some thoughts.

First issue is regarding the default cache implementation and resolve of 
local files. Even though I'm setting cache strategy to manual and 
keeping the local file strongly reachable by keeping a reference to the 
FileObject in a static field the cache seems not to be working as I 
would expect. I was expecting that resolving the file once I would have 
that file in memory no matter what operations would be performed by 
another process into the same file. But it seems this is not 
happening... so question is: is my expectation correct and if that's not 
is there a way to achieve what I'm looking for?

Second issue is mostly a question: the list of final destination/server 
(I call them Endpoints) for each file that I need to replicate is always 
the same and so I would like to keep FileSystemManager in memory to 
avoid opening/closing session for the remote filesystems. But 
unfortunatelly I've not been able to because of two problems: 1) I do 
not control and even know when resources needs to be released and so 
close the FileSystemManager; 2) SoftRefReleaseThread is a daemon thread 
and so my system hangs in a "clean shutdown" because of this thread. Any 
thoughts on how I could handle this? Is there a way to set another cache 
implementation which doesn't requires a daemon thread? Why is this 
thread a daemon thread by the way?

Thanks in advance for any support you might provide.

Davi Menezes

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