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From Siegfried Goeschl <>
Subject Re: [email] embed/include dynamic Java Server Pages content in email/NTLM Authentication to Exchange Server
Date Tue, 10 Aug 2010 08:09:36 GMT
Hi Ferindo,

some thoughts along the line

1) all email related libraries I'm aware of are using javax.mail. So you 
have to get the NTLM authentication working on this level. The last 
problem you had is related to the SSL certificate being used by your 
exchange server - please see for more 

2) regarding JSP integration - your observation is correct since we 
provide no direct JSP integration and we never will. But I pretty much 
assume that you will run into 1) quickly with all JSP taglibs you find 
on Google. Having said that you can always reconsider moving the mail 
functionality out of the presentation layer into a domain servcice or 
application service layer (where it might belong - remember the SQL 
taglibs running SQL queries from a JSP page)

So have a look at 1) and keep us/me in the loop ... :-)

Thanks in advance

Siegfried Goeschl

On 10.08.10 03:53, Ferindo Middleton wrote:
> Thanks for your incite with my posts regarding this Siegfried and Ricardo! I
> suppose that commons-email doesn't support the kind of integration I was
> hoping to use in my JSP pages. I was thinking that I could have the dynamic
> content of my JSP pages embedded via the functions of Class HtmlEmail. I had
> been using Mailer Tag library (
> that was retired in the
> Jakarta Project but the security supported my company's Exchange server has
> been beefed up over the year and they no longer support the basic
> authentication I once was able to use in the Mailer Taglib as there is very
> little configuration that tag library supported besides sending basic SMTP
> email with basic authentication. I tried upgrading to the Mailer2 taglib (
> via the svn made
> available on the site but I don't think that project ever came to a release
> point as there's no .tld or .jar files provided in the svn trunk (
> and the the svn that's there won't build using ant because I don't that
> project ever came to a completion point.
> I had posted some other threads on trying to get commons-email to
> authenticate via the apparent NTLM authentication mechanism the Exchange
> server now requires but it appears that even once I get past that, this
> package doesn't have enough integration I would need with my JSP dynamic
> content I got used to being able to send dynamically with the Mailer Tag
> library. I realize this isn't quite the forum for this, but can you point me
> in the right direction to get updated resources for sending email from my
> JSPs?

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