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From J-Pro <>
Subject Re: [vfs] Does VFS already has support for FTPS (FTP over SSL)?
Date Mon, 09 Aug 2010 19:39:45 GMT
Sorry for bothering you guys, but can anyone please answer my question?
It's very important for me, I'm afraid of that you'll forget about this

Thank you very much in advance!

J-Pro wrote:
> Hello, dear VFS developers!
> I was wondering if Apache Commons VFS library supports FTPS and found 
> some old posts(from year 2006) about commons-net library is about to 
> support it. Now I'm sure that commons-net 2.0 does have support for 
> FTPS, but I need to know if commons-vfs itself does have this support. 
> I need it very much for my current application which copies files over 
> FTP and SFTP.
> Can you tell me answer my question please? If it does have support for 
> FTPS, please provide some links on official  documentation on it.
> Thanks you in advance.

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