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From "David Parks" <>
Subject [Email] Email send hangs thread indefinitely on intermittent failure
Date Sat, 21 Aug 2010 03:23:47 GMT
I set up a simple test to send 50 emails through google app's SMTP server
with a short delay between them (just testing to see what I'm allowed to

I set this up by opening 50 threads and pausing at different intervals for
each thread.

I notice that I sometimes end up with a thread that hangs indefinitely on a
connection that seems to be hung, but never times out (see the thread dump
below for one such case, it's been left hung for > 10 min now):

Any thoughts on this? Kind of scares me to think what might happen to a
server posting emails in the background. I would expect network timeouts to
all be handled at least with a default value by a simplifying wrapper class
such as this is. Or am I missing some logic here maybe?


Thread [Thread-23] (Suspended)	
	SocketInputStream.socketRead0(FileDescriptor, byte[], int, int, int)
line: not available [native method][], int, int) line: not available	
	InputRecord.readFully(InputStream, byte[], int, int) line: not
available, OutputStream) line: not available	
	SSLSocketImpl.readRecord(InputRecord, boolean) line: not available

	SSLSocketImpl.readDataRecord(InputRecord) line: not available[], int, int) line: not available[], int, int) line: 106	
	BufferedInputStream.fill() line: not available line: not available	
	LineInputStream.readLine() line: 84	
	SMTPTransport.readServerResponse() line: 1903	
	SMTPTransport.issueSendCommand(String, int) line: 1808	
	SMTPTransport.finishData() line: 1634	
	SMTPTransport.sendMessage(Message, Address[]) line: 889	
	Transport.send0(Message, Address[]) line: 191	
	Transport.send(Message) line: 120	
	HtmlEmail(Email).sendMimeMessage() line: 1232	
	HtmlEmail(Email).send() line: 1267	
	GoogleAppsEmailTest.sendEmail(int) line: 51	
	GoogleAppsEmailTest$ line: 17 line: not available	

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