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From Ferindo Middleton <>
Subject Re: [email] Exchange Server Authentication / NTLM
Date Tue, 03 Aug 2010 13:54:12 GMT
Looking at the logs, it appears that I'm running Javamail 1.3.1. I
don't remember installing "Javamail". Is that apart of whatever
JRE/JDK I installed?
To resolve the issue on Javamail API, would I be able to configure
that using the commons-email classes/methods configuration properties
in my existing code I posted before or are you talking about using
classes "outside" the commons-email methods provided? Forgive, I'm new
to this and not familiar with how it's all connected. I used to use
mailer 1.1 taglib but support with this Exchange server stopped
allowing simple smtp authentication and there's no jar/tls files in
the apache svn for mailer 2 taglib.


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