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From Tim Dudgeon <>
Subject Re: [dbcp] ORA-01453 on connections with previous errors
Date Sun, 13 Jun 2010 08:58:24 GMT
Phil Steitz wrote:
>>>> 4. The isolation level tries to be set and you get an error like this:
>>> Do you have testOnBorrow or testOnReturn set to true?  Do you have a
>>>  validationQuery defined?
>> Neither are defined.
> Try setting testOnBorrow=true and supplying a validationQuery.  This
> will cause connections to be validated when they are borrowed from
> the pool.
> Phil

To clarify what the the problem seems to be:

1. Connection obtain from pool. AutoCommit is set as true.
2. Oracle performs a DDL operation that fails and causes SQLException.
Although autoCommit is still set as true, there is now a transaction 
that has been started.
3. Connection released back to pool. The 
PoolableConnectionFactory.passivateObject() method does not try to roll 
back the transaction as autoCommit is true and so assumes there can be 
no open transaction in place.
4. Same connection is obtained from pool again.
5. Transaction isolation level is changed -> Exception as there is 
already an ongoing transaction.

If instead an explicit rollback() is done at the end of step 2 then all 
is OK.


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