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From Fabrizio Morbini <>
Subject [scxml] src and relative url
Date Tue, 01 Jun 2010 18:26:34 GMT
Hi, i'm using the src attribute to include external content (i haven't
yet spent time in figuring our how to use xinclude).
I load the initial scxml file using a url like "file:C:/path/file.scxml".
Inside file.scxml some node uses the src attribute set to (for
example) src="include1.scxml#node34".
When it gets parsed the urlResolver.resolvePath has as baseURL the
complete "file:C:/path/file.scxml" and as ctxPath the string
"include1.scxml", the merging results in an absolute url:
"file:/include1.scxml" instead of the desired

is there a better alternative than modify the urlResolver (by removing
the file.scxml part from the baseURL) to get the desired merged path
when using the method resolvePath?


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