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From wadi <>
Subject [Digester] Creating a new XML rule
Date Tue, 08 Jun 2010 14:58:29 GMT

I am trying to create a new rule, which can be defined in xml-rule file
also. The rule is extension to the existing call-param-rule in which we can
pass the constant parameters (mainly string constants) which is currently
not possible with the call-param-rule.
After googleing I found the steps to do it which are:

   - Update the DTD. You should add an element type for your rule. The
   element should have an attribute corresponding to each of the rule's
   initialization parameters.
   - Define an ObjectCreationFactory
   - Extend DigesterRuleParser , and override the addRuleInstances() method
   to add the rules for parsing your new element.

I did all the three steps but still I am not able to call the method with
string constants which I am defining in the rule-xml. I am getting the
values of parameter as null.

*digester-rules.dtd* (This is the updated dtd with the new element added as
call-constant-param-rule. So step 1 is done.
** (This java file defines the ObjectCreationFactory
(ConstantParamRuleFactory) and also extends the DigesterRuleParser.
*_xelerator_config_rule.xml* (XML file which defines the digester rules).
*_xelerator_config.xml *(XML document which needs to be parsed).
** (Extended rule file)

What is it which i am missing or doing wrong.

Thanks in advance.


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