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From "Markus Petschnigg" <>
Subject [Math] Rotating around global z-axis in processing
Date Thu, 20 May 2010 21:00:27 GMT

We are building an application where we rotate and translate boxes with  
different Wiimote metaphors in Processing.
We want to rotate an object around the global processing canvas z-axis,  
not around the objects own z-axis. No matter which rotation has been used  
before, no matter where the object is in the canvas, this should just  
rotate the object around the Processing z-axis. We are using the Shapes3D  
libary which is based on apache commons math. The method used for rotating  
is called Rot, which is basically the same as in the apache commons math.
Here is a link to the processing forum, where we also discussed the issue:
Our entire code is online at:

Thanks in advance

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