We (at Antelink) just launch a service that monitors the rate of reuse within a large set of open source projects. This free service is a byproduct of our R&D activity and is based on a large sample including more than 162.000 projects from SourceForge and GoogleCode mainly. It covers projects from the very beginning of open source history till up to now, without filtering based on technologies.

Looking for an example, we find interesting to use this service on very popular components like Apache commons. We derived a cloud including most popular apache-commons releases from which reuse rating can be extracted for each of them.

Hoping this service is useful for the community, and aiming to improve further versions, we will be very open to feedbacks and comments about the service, and suggestions regarding studies of interest for the community.

Blog entries http://www.antelink.com/blog

TOP 5 most reused components from Apache Commons
* Logging
* Collections
* Lang
* BeanUtils
* Httpclient

Service (beta) : http://www.antelink.com/community