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From Christian Bode <>
Subject Javaflow error testcase
Date Sun, 11 Apr 2010 17:32:16 GMT
Hi Torsten,

thank you !

I am happy to report that my example works fine with the deprecated 
bcel-transformer. So I am smiling ;-)

Just awesome... canĀ“t wait for real jvm support. In the case you are 
interested I plan to use coroutines for
game-entity scripting and I would really prefer java over javascript. I 
hope it will be no problem to
compile java files on the fly.

I have made a test-case of the asm-rewriter error, at least I have 
muddled something together, what is a test-case
in my understanding ;-).

I understand that you people  use a different build environment, the 
apache framework etc. So I apologize for
providing a netbeans 6.8 project file.

You can find the file here, I also included all the jars I am using:

It will vanish in about a week.

Thank you ! Really hope you take care of javaflow, till one-day the 
jvm-thingie arrives !

Torsten Curdt schrieb:
> Hey Christian,
>> I am in desperate need for a coroutine scripting solution for my game and I
>> was so happy to find
>> javaflow.
>> Despite the simplicity of the tutorial, there seems to be a lot of
>> complexity behind and I get errors
>> I have no chance to deal with.
> It does indeed hide quite something :)
>> Here is what I tried:
> On the first glance it looks reasonable.
>> So nothing special here... The script is seemingly succesfully found and all
>> the bytecode processing magic starts, but fails
>> anywere in, and I have no chance to understand what goes wrong. Apparently
>> the "loadClass" method fails and this is what i get:
> ...
>> java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException: Trying to access an inexistant local
>> variable 0
> Interesting. And a little odd as the code is quite simple. I would
> have thought this was already covered by the test cases. A testcase
> (see VerificationTestCase) would be very much appreciated.
> You could also try and pass the old BCEL rewriter to the constructor
> of the classloader.
>> So if anybody could help me I would really appreciate it. Besides I want to
>> edit/load scripts while the main program is running. That?s why
>> I chose the class-loader approch.
> Well, if you want to script java. That's another thing. You then also
> need to compile the source code. Either through JSR199 (now in java6)
> or Commons JCI.
> If you just want scripting and continuations you could also look into
> rhino - which supports javascript continuations.
> --
> Torsten
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