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From Jacob Beard <>
Subject [SCXML] equivalent to Rhapsody Join pseudostate
Date Wed, 10 Mar 2010 05:45:13 GMT

I'm currently working on a small compilers project based on SCXML, and
I'm trying to understand some of the ways it differs from the Rhapsody
syntax and semantics.

To start out, it's fairly clear to me how to express the equivalent of
a Rhapsody fork pseudostate in SCXML (multiple states listed on the
target attribute of a transition), but it's unclear to me how to
express something like a Rhapsody join pseudostate, where, in order
for the join transition to be taken, the configuration must include
all of the source states of the join. Is there a clear way to express
these semantics in SCXML?

If my question is unclear, or further information is required, please
let me know.

I'd appreciate any guidance anyone can offer. Thanks,


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