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From James Mansion <>
Subject Re: Is DiskFileItemFactory Thread Safe?
Date Sun, 07 Feb 2010 14:39:08 GMT
Andrew Thorburn wrote:
> Indeed. It's generally regarded as an anti-pattern.
> evebill8: See below for a couple of links talking about it if your
> co-workers grumble about it (and for anyone else who comes along
> asking these questions, I guess).
Personally, I regard people trotting out 'premature optimisation is the 
root' as an
anti-pattern too. It is emphatically NOT possible to achieve high 
performance by
relying on the profiler to tell you what's wrong.  Its certainly a big 
help and can
point you at code to look at, but really you need to consider 
performance right
through from the design phase onwards. You can use a profiler to drive 
out hot
spots but you'll still be limited by the design's constraints, 
particularly where
you have distributed components or hardware IO and you're killed by latency,
or by inter-thread sync issues, rather than CPU intensive blocks.

Personally I would encourage consideration through design review, and code
review.  Its cheaper to catch it early than to debug and have to 
refactor and
redisgn. I'm NOT advocating tuning every last operation, just that 
and consideration IS healthy and is NOT an anti-pattern.

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